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Data Centre

WhipCord owns and operates a Tier 3 data center in Lethbridge, offering a range of enterprise-grade solutions to enhance business and IT strategies. This Canadian owned and operated centre offers world class colocation, continuity, cloud, and network services and is the only centre of its kind in Alberta to offer all of these services in one place.
Clients located in tecconnect benefit from a direct fiber connection to this facility and at-cost co-location services in the centre. And, businesses across the globe are working with WhipCord to create a custom combination of services that meet their business needs now and in the future.
The WhipCord data center is a carrier-neutral facility, with existing connections to major Canadian telecommunication providers through redundant, physically diverse paths. The data center was constructed according to a Tier 3+ design with redundancy in all major power, cooling and network systems which enables industry leading availability for superior service level agreements (SLAs).  They have created an ideal environment that provides reliability through infrastructure redundancies and security through continuously monitored security and alarm systems and through security inherent in the construction.
The location of the WhipCord data center is a key advantage over competing data centers in Western Canada. The facilities are located in a seismically stable location with a very low risk of natural disaster. WhipCord facilities are also located more than 5 km away from any 100 year flood plain, airport or major rail line.
Replication, Backup and Protection
WhipCord offers multiple levels of business continuity services: an enterprise class, fully deduplicated backup service, a backup level that meets the basic requirements of an off-site backup, and a business continuity service that provides real time data replication backup and the ability to recover servers in minutes.  The centre is the only Canadian data center offering Quantum’s cloud based data protection technology, WhipCord Stratus, Powered by Quantum™.
WhipCord provides cloud computing and cloud storage services with a wide range of configurations and industry leading SLAs. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides unlimited scalability while eliminating upfront capital expenses and associated operational and maintenance costs. WhipCord IaaS solutions are hosted in Canada.

Complimentary to the virtual infrastructure, WhipCord offers an enterprise-class cloud storage product to meet the requirements of large file sharing or offsite backup and data storage requirements. Files can be accessed securely from anywhere by anyone that you designate, and are secured against those that shouldn’t see them. The service takes advantage of an enterprise-grade Storage Area Network system that can withstand individual hard drive failures. As WhipCord supports satellite imagery customers, they are comfortable supporting any size storage requirement

The facility utilizes carrier-grade Juniper Networks infrastructure that is 2(N+1) redundant, along with certified Corning fibre optic cabling.  WhipCord delivers redundant Internet access to customer racks and MPLS services to connect offices; customers can also bring their own network into the carrier neutral facility.  The network is capable of speeds up to 100 Gbps.  The WhipCord data centre has 2 diverse fibre paths into it, with room for several more, and diverse networks paths within the building.
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