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Technology Environment

Internal Network
tecconnect’s internal network is built with high-end managed switches featuring redundant power supplies, virtual chassis connections with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. The switches utilize a virtual LAN to provide secure, private networks for each tenant.
Server and Storage Infrastructure
Tenants are provided with access to a dedicated virtual machine in a managed VMWare vSphere environment with their own IP address and virtual RAM, CPU, and disks.
Internet Cconnectivity
Connectivity is provided by Whipcord utilizing multiple upstream carriers, ensuring enterprise-grade connectivity with a higher level of reliability and network quality than a typical business internet connection via cable or DSL. This connectivity provides a 25MB/sec. connection for standard operating requirements with unlimited data upload/download.
Wireless Access
Each tenant can be provisioned with their own private wireless connectivity with virtual access points that can be configured with a unique SSID name and WPA2 encryption key, providing secure, private wireless connectivity. There is also an isolated guest wireless access point available for visitors that is completely separate from tenant systems.
Data Centre Connectivity
The tecconnect facility is physically connected to the Whipcord data centre via two redundant pairs of fibre optic cables. These cables connect to Whipcord ’s core switches and are currently running on 10GB/sec. optics. As a tenant, you can procure rack space in Whipcord ’s secure colocation facility. (see Whipcord  for more information)

tecconnect provides shared print/copy/scan facilities up to 11x17. Billing is usage-based, so tenants pay only for what they need. Tenants are also free to use your own print solutions within your office space.
Communications System
tecconnect utilizes Cisco IP telephony technology to provide a flexible integrated communications system. Cisco IP handsets are provided to tenants and can be moved to any location in the building without any reconfiguration. The Cisco Unity messaging server provides full voicemail service, and the Cisco Unified Presence server provides instant messaging capability. Direct lines can be configured along with auto-attendants, internal extensions.and connections to front-door entry.

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